It's Good, What We've Got

I've got a new video on my youtube channel called "Good What We've Got". Filmed in Tim's party keller, it features Miriam Adameit on background vocals AND a purty li'l lit up Christmas tree. Check it out!

The seating for our house concert is just about full. Write me an email (under "contact") if you'd like to secure one of the last spots. And if you've clicked that you're coming on the facebook website but haven't contacted me to reserve, then I can't guarantee that you'll get a chair with a view. Or a chair at all, for that matter. RSVP y'all.

And then there's my show in Ludwigsburg at Die Luke with drummer Burkhard Mayer-Andersson. The entrance is free, so come on down and bring LOADS of friends. And bring a few extra duckets to toss in the donation jar, natch.

Can't wait to see y'all!

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