LIght of my Life

There's so much I could say about this song, but it would all be too heavy. If you're experiencing cold, dreary, wet autumn weather like I am here in Germany, then this might feel really cozy. Those back home in Texas might feel inclined to turn up the stereo while on the covered deck for the soundtrack to a late summer storm with a glass of red wine.

I hope you enjoy it. It was written with love.

Tess Wiley - Light Of My Life (Snippet)


Mixes in the bag

The new record is finally finished, and some are already calling it their favorite TW album. Well, duh!

It may be a couple of years in the making, but that baby that Abraham and Sarah waited 25 years for started an entire nation. I'm putting this baby upon the altar, lighting up some incense and slaughtering the fatted calf. Oh, yeah.

Stay tuned, my faithful followers.


New dates

südpolrecords meets nordpolrecords

15.05.13 Berlin - Crystal
16.05.13 Hamburg - Knust
17.05.13 Wetzlar - Franzis

Up north I'll be playing with Lars Plogschties on beat! Not to be missed.


New Single

People, have a listen to THIS. It's my new single plus the official alternative version plus a few other snippets. Release date: October 19th.

Soon downloadable at iTunes! Stay (i)tuned.


L√ľneburg Review

Oh, just something to talk about - a wee li'l article in the Lüneburger Landeszeitung. Click to read more, then click on the pdf link, if ya wanna. Ya-yeh.