Hamburg Hits

Last weekend I made a mad dash to Hamburg to work on a song with composer Henning Sommer of Wilhelm Tell Me notoriety. The result is a poppy li'l bundle of melancholic bittersweetness. Just like its Mama! I'm hoping it's going open that big, heavy door to the world of radio so that my other babies on the record can follow. Keep yer fingers crossed!


Youtube Channel

I've got a new home video on my youtube channel! Filmed with Tim Potzas on a wild night in Giessen (listen for the sirens in the background), it's one of my favorite songs from my newest record "Division", out this summer. Spread the love!

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Leland P. Shows, new video soon

Well hi there, y'all! I was hoping to be able to upload a new video on my website by now, but Protools and Final Cut Pro are at a stand-off, and I have to solve a mystery first before I can treat you to one of my favorite songs called "It Rained" off of my upcoming record Division. Tim and I filmed it the other night in my bedroom. As an appetizer until then, here's a photo of the set.

In other news, I'm going to be playing shows this weekend with Leland P. Even better, we're releasing the new record Ticket To The Moon. Check the dates section and come on out!

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Living Room Concert

My first time as house show host went really well. Thanks to everyone who came out! It would appear that we actually can get even a few more people in our place (tee-hee). Stay tuned for the next show in the series, most likely my CD release part-ay.


It's Good, What We've Got

I've got a new video on my youtube channel called "Good What We've Got". Filmed in Tim's party keller, it features Miriam Adameit on background vocals AND a purty li'l lit up Christmas tree. Check it out!

The seating for our house concert is just about full. Write me an email (under "contact") if you'd like to secure one of the last spots. And if you've clicked that you're coming on the facebook website but haven't contacted me to reserve, then I can't guarantee that you'll get a chair with a view. Or a chair at all, for that matter. RSVP y'all.

And then there's my show in Ludwigsburg at Die Luke with drummer Burkhard Mayer-Andersson. The entrance is free, so come on down and bring LOADS of friends. And bring a few extra duckets to toss in the donation jar, natch.

Can't wait to see y'all!