STOPPOK Tour feat. Tess Wiley 2018

I have the honor of accompanying STOPPOK on his "solo tour" again this year. See the dates section for possible links to ticket purchase for the individual shows, but here's a list of the concerts and cities we'll be playing:


New Album of Manni Kreutzer & The Overhesse

Dietrich Faber, a.k.a. Manni Kreutzer has a new album, and I had the honor of playing and singing on it. I also arranged the background vocals and even a "gospel quartett" arrangement for "An dich denke", a darkly beautiful and melancholic song.

Here's a list of the dates and places we're performing his Manni-Fest: 


Das Manni-Fest! CD has arrived!

Dear Fans of country/bluegrass music sung in a distinct Vogelsberger Hessisch dialect: the new CD by Dietrich Faber, a.k.a. Manni Kreutzer, has now arrived! I love that, after 20 years of living in Germany, this Texas is finally making country music - with Germans! In the German language! In a german dialect! Hach, isch sach nur: subba!

To order it, click HERE.


Stoppok featuring Tess Wiley

Today the tour goes loose! We´ll be on the road until Christmas. Have a look at the dates page to see when we´re in your corner of Germany.

I´ll be accompanying Stoppok on piano, guitar, violin, and even chromaharp and cowbell! And of course with some sweet harmonies. I sure would hate for you to miss this, so please do come out.


New Christmas Song by Leigh Nash

I happened to be in Nashville at just the right time, so I got to sing a few notes on the latest Christmas single by Leigh Nash. Have a listen!