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New STOPPOK CD featuring Tess Wiley

There's a brand-new CD from our recorded concert at Radio Bremen last year! It's only available at shows, so be sure to check the dates here to find out when we're nearest to you.

New review of Femme Sole EP (German)

For those of you mächtig of the deutsche Sprache can check this out: a sweet review of the latest EP Femme Sole.

STOPPOK Tour feat. Tess Wiley 2018

I have the honor of accompanying STOPPOK on his "solo tour" again this year. See the dates section for possible links to ticket purchase for the individual shows, but here's a list of the concerts and cities we'll be playing:

Femme Sole

Femme Sole | 2018 | What we call Records

[1. Falling Apart]
[2. Long Road]
[3. Shouldn´t Have Been Here]
[4. Solitaire]
[5. ´til I Get It Right]
[6. Giving up on Giving Up]
[7. Tornados]

Tour Dates

04. Apr. 2019 Tess Wiley feat. Tim Potzas

Glauberg-Stockheim | Kulturhalle Stockheim | 20:00

A special evening in the concert series where the performer is surrounded by the audience, I’ll be performing this show with my trusty gitarrist Tim Potzas. For more information, click HERE.

30. Apr. 2019 Tess Wiley Band

Lich | Kino Traumstern | 20:00

Finally a band show again, yee-haw! I’m espeically excited to finally be playing my first TW show in my favorite arts cinema. Come out for the tunes, stay for a drink, and support our local arts scene! For mor information, click HERE.

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