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I’ll be performing a solo show again, and I’ll be bringing a ton of new songs that have rarely been heard, gearing up for a new album! Tickets can be bought here:

Part of the Jazz Initiative sessions, I’ll be singing some very re-arranged standards with Frank Warnke (guitar), Jakob Kühnemann (contrabass), and Johannes Langenbach (drums)

Barfüßergasse 28
35305 Grünberg

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Buchhandlung F.W. Reinhard, Marktgasse 10, 35305 Grünberg, Telefon: 06401-7855, Fax: 06401- 2107733


Wenzel OHG, Alsfelder Str. 11, 35305 Grünberg, Telefon : 06401-6935, Fax: 06401- 220075



Reservierte Karten müssen bis 19.15 Uhr an der Abendkasse abgeholt werden.

A special night with Dietrich Faber, Tess Wiley, and Cordula Poos, featuring Tim Potzas and Michael Hammies-Harries in the brand-new Musikzentrum. This performance hall and music work space has been made possible thanks to the coordination between Musikzentrale and Schoenau Musik and is directly behind the music store on Schiffenberger Weg 111 in Gießen, Germany.

It will be a very special evening with lively interaction among all of the musicians present. Don’t miss!

Performing again with S. Lois!

Sun 7 Nov, 9PM | Café Clouso, Meppel | Muziekcafe Clouso

I’ll be playing this cozy house show with S. Lois!
Livingroom concert @ Wijtze & Doro, Meppel | Info:
Sun 7 Nov, 2 PM

I’m returning to this lovely festival inside of a beautiful, stone church in Utrecht, Netherlands. It is an utterly chill day full of beatiful music, stirring lectures, and other artful instalments. And reverb like CRAZY! Don’t miss.

I’ll be opening the festival at 1:00 p.m. and also playing another set at 2:15 p.m.

Living room concert @ Wim & Anne, Deventer | Info:

Sharing the stage with S. Lois ON MY BIRTHDAY!