Yay! Finally a band show again. Really looking forward to this, be sure too get your tickets early to save a few Euros, and tell yer friends!

Laboratorium Website

A show in the lovely Vitos Kapelle! I’ll be playing with Tim Potzas (guitar, pedal steel, resonator, baritone). These are special shows, and if I recall correctly, they’re also gratis entry with a collection for the artists. More information HERE.

If you like wine and great food and good music AND live in or near Wiesbaden, then do come out to this show! It’s a Monday evening, which is weird, sure, but you’ve got to eat every day, amirite? Free entry, bring extra money for for donations for the artist!

Visit the Weinländer website or their Facebook page for more information.

MANY thanks to Barbara Liebing for securing this last-minute show in Hof! Help me get the word out to all the lovely folks living near the Czech border? Thanks.

Auguststraße 34-36
95028 Hof an der Saale

I got to play these lovely folks‘ living room last May with my friend Paul Hiraga of Downpilot and am more than chuffed to get to play my own show there again! It’s a great vibe with absolute music lovers. To reserve a spot, write to me at info@tesswiley.com and let me know how many are planning on coming. An email with the address and any other infos will come a few days before the show.

Grateful to the guys at Necktar 127 for this opportunity to play in an art gallery again! The room looks lovely, can’t wait. For information and other queries, visit their Instagram page or their website.

For more information, go to the Kulturbahnhof website.

For more Information on Yerba Colorá, a musical melting pot with players from Manchester, Lima, and Marburg, go HERE.

Monowi ist a new project featuring Frank Warnke on guitars, Helmut Fischer on keys, Johannes Langenbach on drums, and Tess Wiley on vocals. It should be a trippy, groovy, trance-y show, but it’s all still so new that no one is really sure yet. Come out and watch the magic happen in real time.

Get tickets HERE.


Musikzentrum Mittelhessen:

Schiffenberger Weg 111 35394 Gießen


At this 3-hour workshop, you can learn new skills and a few tricks and shortcuts on how to cultivate an emotional deliver vocal delivery, as well as discovering your own personal style.

Musikzentrum Mittelhessen @ Musikhaus Schoenau

Schiffenberger Weg 111, 35394 Gießen

Anmeldung bald möglich unter https://www.musik-schoenau.de/events-2023/

Kasseler Straße 39, Willingshausen


Mehr Infos HIER